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In keeping with our original mission statement, we have undertaken steps to help educate the general public about Aleutian's Disease Virus, in hopes that our efforts will help prevent the spread of the disease. As we are doing this, we hope to help ADV+ households cope with the illness. We wish to expand our existing foster home network to include ADV+ homes, to foster ADV+ ferrets.

We are working on a series of pamphlets, that are for everyone, to help understand the disease. These are listed below, and require adobe acrobat to view:.

We also have available a packet of information that you can give to your vet. The cost for this (to cover copying and binding) is $5.00 plus postage. Please e-mail us if you are interested in this information.

Occurrences of ADV appear to be on the rise in our area, and we only have one ADV shelter, which is currently full to capacity. ADV+ households are desperately needed to help alleviate the shelter's load. There are so many healthy, loveable ADV+ ferrets that need a place to go.  More rescues are coming in every day, and we would like to help find safe places for them to go.

We realize that this will take time, but Metro Ferret is willing to keep trying  to find other ADV+ households that are willing to foster or adopt ADV+ or ADV- exposed ferrets. If you are one of those homes, you can click here to complete an application to foster an ADV+ shelter ferret. Anyone who is interested in helping our efforts are urged to contact us:

In the near future, we will be holding meetings in New York and New Jersey for ADV+ ferret owners, to talk about the disease, and what we can do to take positive steps towards helping the ferret community with this problem. Once we have built up a network, we will try to take further steps to better the situations for ADV+ ferrets.

There are so many things to do, and this is a large and difficult undertaking, but we feel that this is a very positive step in the right direction. Even with minimal success, we hope that our endeavor will  become a role model for other ferret groups in the United States.

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