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Ferret Adoption Application

Please click here to see some of our adoptables that are currently in shelter or foster care.

Thank you for your interest in adopting a shelter ferret.  All information submitted is used solely for the purpose of determining suitability for adoption status and will not be utilized for ANY other purpose. Your completed application will be forwarded to the shelters and/or foster homes closest to your area for consideration.  The shelter owners will contact you directly if they have ferrets suitable for you. Please note that Metro Ferret is NOT a ferret shelter, and we do not guarantee adoptions.  This form is provided as a convenience to those looking to adopt.

Please Note: We are located in the Metropolitan NY/NJ areas.

We DO NOT ship ferrets, ever.  Thank You.

Please provide the following information:

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Street Address






Zip/Postal Code

Work Phone

Home Phone




Your Web Site

Please complete the Adoption Application below. we will contact you via e-mail to confirm your interest in ferret adoptions. Please note that all data input will be stored in the fields provided, and the field sizes are not limited. Please provide as much information as you can.

How long at this  address? :  
Do you own or rent? : Own Rent  
If renting, Landlord's name, address, phone :

Please note: All renters will be asked to provide proof of permission to keep pets.

Are you over the age of 18? Yes No  
Please enter your date of birth:   Use format mm/dd/yyyy
How many people live in your home? :    
Do you have children? : Yes No  

If Yes, what are their ages? :

Do you currently own pets? : Yes No  

If Yes, please describe :


If Yes, are all of your current animals up to date on their vaccinations?

Yes No  

Do they live indoors or out? :

In Out  
Have you ever been owned by a ferret before? : Yes No  

If Yes, is it still with you? :

Yes No  

If No, why not? :

Describe why the ferret is no longer with you.

If you currently have ferrets, have your ferrets been tested for ADV?  (what's this?)

Yes No We have both positive and negative ferrets available.

If your ferrets were tested for ADV, what were the results?

Negative Positive  

Have your ferrets been exposed to ECE? (what's this?)

Yes No  
Has your current ferret (s) had to receive medical treatment other than basic exams and vaccinations in the last 12 months? : Yes No  

If Yes, please explain. :

Do you currently have a cage suitable for a ferret? : Yes No

See "The Ferret Store"

Please describe it. :


Where will it be kept? :

Do you currently have a ferret knowledgeable veterinarian? : Yes No

See Our Area Vets

Please give his / her name and address. :

Are you looking for a certain age/sex/color ferret? Yes No  

If yes, please describe what you are looking for :

What do you think the average lifespan of a ferret is?    
Is there anything else that you would like us to know?  Please use this space for comments.  


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