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Our efforts to educate the community at large about domestic ferrets is approached on a local basis.  Our club is arranged on an area basis, with different branches covering their own areas.

  • By participating in and arranging Ferret Shows, we will increase community awareness, and recruit new members. By holding Pet Store and School information days in our own communities, we will increase the community's knowledge level about the domestic ferret, ensuring a better future. 


  • Pet Store Days:  Members are encouraged to contact their local pet stores to form a beneficial relationship.  Some of the things we ask of pet stores would include allowing us to setup up a table, to educate their customers on ferret care, to allow us to participate in adoption days, to allow us to set up donation jars, and to donate any damaged or un-sellable  food or litter bags for distribution to the ferret shelters


  • Education Days:  Members are encouraged to contact their local schools, and girls and boys groups.  We feel strongly that educating our children today will ensure a better tomorrow for the domestic ferret.  Members are encouraged to arrange speaking dates with these groups, and to bring a broader knowledge base to the children.


  • Ferret Owner Assistance:  We, the members of MetroFerret, are made up of ferret owners with different levels of ferret knowledge.  Should a ferret owner need assistance, they will have a community of other ferret owner's knowledge to draw upon.  We are always learning, and we learn from each other, and share our experiences with all who ask.


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