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To make a secure on-line tax-deductible donation, please click below:


The American Ferret Association

The Ferret Mailing List, (FML). A daily ferret owner digest sent by e-mail.  Just send them an e-mail to subscribe.

To keep your ferret healthy and happy, try Bob C's Chicken Gravy.  It's not easy to make, but it's great for your fuzzy!

The Ferret Owner's Manual by Dick Bossert:  We distribute this well-written packet to ferret owners, both current and potential, in New York and New Jersey.  It's a great reference book.  Click here for your copy, in Adobe Acrobat Format.

Ferret Central, Here you can find almost anything you ever wanted to know about ferrets, and then some!  One of the most useful sites on the web for ferret owners!

For information on Aleutian's Disease (ADV) please visit the following sites:

Avecon Diagnostics

American Ferret Association


New Jersey ferret owners, you need an Exotic Pet Permit from the State of New Jersey, and the permit has to be renewed annually. Please see details at the NJ Dept of Fish, Game and Wildlife website at


Click for all your pet supplies!

For all of your fuzzie's needs!  Make a purchase from The Ferret Store, and they will donate 5% of that purchase directly to our shelter support account!

1-800-PetMeds  -  Free Shipping




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Click for all your pet supplies!


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